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Q: Is Tevere open on Fridays for lunch?
A: No, but our other Dairy location is, Va bene restaurant is open during the summer.

Q: Is Tevere open on Saturdays?
A: Yes we are open all year round, seating available one hour after sundown

Q: What does the word Tevere mean?
A: It is the Italian name for the Tiber River that runs trough the center of Rome.

Q: Do we speak Italian?
A: Si parliamo italiano e incoraggiamo i nostri clienti italiani a contattarci il piu' possible, per poter assicurare loro una serata di vero cibo romano a New York.

Q: Is Tevere open for the Passover Holidays?
A: No, unfortunately we are closed, will reopen on Monday the 2nd of May.

Q: Does Tevere deliver in NON-Kosher restaurants?
A: Yes, Tevere does deliver with silver and plates with the proper food wrapping, at an additional cost to clients.

Q: Can Tevere be opened during Friday lunch or other times?
A: Yes, we can arrange with our customers prior organizing the event, to meet most demands, if possible.

Q: Does Tevere deliver?
A: Yes we deliver on the Upper East Side during normal business hours, in our delivery area.
Please view our delivery menu.

Q: Does Tevere accept all type of Credit cards?
A: No, unfortunately Tevere only accepts American Express, checks and cash.

Q: If I have some questions about your supervision, what should I do?
A: Please call us at 212·744·0210, so that our Rabbi will assist you with any questions.

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